Nuevo Progreso Mexico, Dental Care And More

Living in a border town in South Texas, has great advantages. People come here to spend the winter months and take advantage of being so close to the Mexican Border. There are many towns along the border, but none like this one in the world. There are 250 dentists in an 8-10 square block area. It’s the safest, securest, and most convenient little town on the border called, Nuevo Progreso, Tamps. “The capital of dentistry in Mexico.” No joke its hard to believe that they can all make a living. People flock here to take advantage of dental care here among many other things such as Cosmetic Surgeons, Glasses, and Medications, for themselves, as well as there pets. But most come for dental work. Here, you can not only afford to get your teeth fixed, but you maybe able to get the best option on the market today. Like Implants to hold in those bottom dentures. Or non metal crowns, such as, Zirconium or Empress Crowns. Or thin, lite weight, non metal Val-Plast Partial. So, why suffer.

Here unlike the dental offices in the US, there is no charge for exam and estimates. You don’t need an appointment six months in advance and wait two to three weeks for dental work to come back from the lab. The labs are located in most cases just blocks from the dentists office. The labs come to pick up the jobs, and can sometimes have it done within the same day, using the same materials as would be used in the US. Checks, Credit Card. They even fill out forms for your Dental Insurance. And most are happy to pay. All this and one third the cost of dental work in the US.

Medications and dental work is what most people come here for. But the sidewalks are also lined with stands that sell hats, blankets, dresses, wood crafts, pottery, art, jewelry leather goods, and curios of all kinds. Liquor and cigarettes and perfumes can also be bought at the duty free stores at a good discount. Just pay your taxes on the way back.

All that shopping can make one thirsty and hungry. There are a variety of eateries and bars in a variety of price ranges. Taco stands on the street are popular. You could eat at one of these for about three dollars. There are other places for fine dinning which can cost you from four to twenty dollars a person. One of the popular things to try here is called Cabrito, or young goat. Its a must try when visiting Mexico.

Plan a trip and see what this little town has to offer. Fly drive or take a bus. Bring the whole family have dental work done and save a lot.. Make it soon though because the laws are going to change. Soon you will need to have a passport to come back from your trip.

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Canine Dental Care: Make Dog Tooth Cleaning Part of Your Regular Routine

We brush our own teeth daily, but sometimes we forget our dogs need regular tooth cleaning too. Just like humans, poor dental hygiene can lead to health problems and tooth decay in our furry friends.

According to research, by the time your dog is three years old there is already an 80% chance that he already has some gum problems due to plaque and tartar buildup. Typical signs are redness or bleeding gums, bad breath, and loose teeth. Even annual or semi-annual professional cleanings at your vet’s office may not be enough to prevent tooth problems in your dog. Regular tooth cleaning at home needs to be part of your dog’s grooming program. (It’s not as hard as you think, honestly!)

Dog Tooth Cleaning at Home

You can prevent some gum or tooth problems by regularly brushing your dog’s teeth at home. Dog toothpaste comes in great flavors like beef and poultry. Once you get your dog accustomed to feel of the toothbrush and having his mouth handled, he may actually learn to enjoy the brushing process.

My dog LOVES to have her teeth brushed—no kidding! Our friends, especially their kids, are quite entertained when they watch the process. As soon as she sees me pull her toothbrush and dog toothpaste out of the cupboard, she gets excited. I sit on the couch, she gets “in position” between my knees and puts her head on my knee.

She loves the taste of both the beef and poultry-flavored dog toothpastes. Unlike human toothpaste, dog toothpaste is meant to be swallowed. She likes it so much that we go through a lot of toothpaste. She licks it as I brush, so I need a dollop for each side of her mouth. It still beats the cost of remedial care if she had tooth and gum disease from lack of canine dental care.

OK, So How Do You Get a Reluctant Dog to Accept Tooth Brushing?

We were lucky in that we started getting our dog accustomed to tooth cleaning when she was a puppy. Here are some tips on how we got her used to tooth cleaning. It is not difficult; it just takes a little time and patience. It will work with adult dogs as well as puppies.

Supplies needed:

  • Dog toothpaste (beef or poultry flavored works best)
  • Dog toothbrush (Be sure to get one specially for dogs with soft bristles. We like the kind with a curved handle; it is easier to reach the back teeth)
  • Dental pads (if desired)
  • Lots of treats to start

    1. Get your dog used to having his mouth handled. Gently hold his muzzle with one hand and stroke it with the other hand. Lift his upper lip to expose his teeth. Give him a tasty treat as a reward. Repeat this procedure for several days until your dog feels comfortable with your hands near his mouth.

    2. Get your dog used to the toothpaste. Try putting a dab on your finger and touching it to your dog’s teeth and gums. If your dog balks at this, try dipping your finger in peanut butter or something else yummy to dogs like beef or chicken broth, for the first few tries. Then switch to the dog toothpaste once he seems comfortable. I recommend the beef or poultry flavor toothpaste versus mint flavored. Dogs seem to like them better than mint. Praise your dog, telling him what a good boy he is. Repeat daily for the next two or three days.

    3. Get your dog used to tooth cleaning. Using plain gauze or a piece of soft cloth wrapped around your finger, or a dental pad or sponge, dab on some dog toothpaste and gently wipe your dog’s teeth and gums using a circular motion. Praise your dog for being good. Repeat this process for the next few days.

    4. Ready for real tooth brushing. Put some toothpaste on your dog’s toothbrush. Hold his muzzle gently and with a finger lift his lip on one side. Gently brush his teeth using a circular motion, and go all the way to the gum line. Be sure to get his back teeth too, then add a little more toothpaste if needed and go on to the other side.

    Try to make your dog’s tooth cleaning a daily habit. If you can’t manage to do it daily, try every other day. It only takes a couple of minutes, you just have to get in the habit of doing it.

    Last, REMEMBER TO MAKE IT FUN and REWARD YOUR DOG. With a little time and patience, you will soon find your dog, if not exactly anticipating the tooth cleaning, at least cooperating. His clean teeth and fresher breath will be worth the effort.

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